Best Gifts for Cat Lovers- Kitty Portraits (Meow)

Need help crafting the purr-fect gifts for cat lovers in your life? We are here to help!

If you have cats (or know someone that does), you understand nothing brings more joy in a cat lover's life than a unique cat-themed gift that they’ll actually use and enjoy looking at everyday. 

At Portrait Boulevard, our kitty-cat portraits make the best gifts for cat lovers! That’s why we’ve pulled together a community of the best feline-artists to help you create a keepsake that will melt the heart of any cat lover in your life. Our portraits will easily fit your or your loved one's decor and make for a gift that will keep them meowing:

This simple design will turn your sweet kitty into an elegant piece that goes with any style of decor! Your cat-loving friends and family will be sure to love it.
Make your friends’ loving kitty cat into a great statement piece for their home! This style of art is sure to pop and turn heads in any space.
Calling all Disney lovers! You’ve got a friend in your kitty - show them you love them by showcasing them as an animated piece!
Turn your kitty into a timeless work of art. With a blend of modern and traditional styles, be sure to make an impression on any cat lover. 

Our portraits truly are the best gifts for cat lovers! We offer the digital file of each kitty portrait, so go ahead and individually frame your loved one’s twenty-one cats individually. Take the digital file and add your feline’s face onto anything - simply print it, get it framed, or stamp it on a mug or a pillow cover. Check our Ideas page for kitty-cat gift inspiration!