About Us

Our names are Costa and Maria and we are the co-owners of Portrait Boulevard. The reason we started this organization all stemmed from looking for an illustration done to memorialize each of our pets, however we couldn't find the styles that fit each of our very different home decors. After days of research, we saw various pet portrait organizations, but found them to be limited in style and use. Some portraits were close to the desired style, but had inflated prices and did not offer digital downloads as an affordable alternative. Some offered digital files, but not within our selective styles. Nothing seemed to exactly fit, so this is the very reason why Portrait Boulevard was conceived. 

It took some tail wagging and coffee to get here, but when we saw our very first portraits to memorialize Costa's deceased dog, Beanie, and Maria's deceased dog, Bella—we both knew something magical happened (tears shed from both of our eyes, we screamed with glee, and jumped with joy—it was truly a rollercoaster). This is when we knew how important it was to share this feeling with as many pet-loving people as possible.


At Portrait Boulevard, we celebrate the love between an owner and their pets (or, sometimes it's the other way around 😂), as our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality files, in selective style options, alongside the ability to do as one pleases with the delivered digital files. We do not force our clients to buy add-on prints specifically from us (and hold the digital file hostage if they do not). We are inspired by our customers and the innovative ideas they have portrayed with their portraits - from printing them onto a traditional print canvas, to printing them on a blanket for a beloved pet, nothing puts bigger smiles on our faces than seeing our portraits come to life! We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to also make a portrait of your pet and can't wait to see what you print your pet’s face onto. 🙂