Our Favorite Ways to Canvas, Print, and Frame Your Digital Pet Portrait

At Portrait Boulevard, we’re all about showcasing your unique style, which is why we’re digital-first. From a minimal pet canvas to a traditional framed pet classic, we love providing our customers options to print, canvas, or frame their fur-babies! Click the underlined items to view these customizable products on Amazon!

1. Canvas 

Print your portrait on an unframed canvas. This classic piece is perfect for any room and matches with any style of decor!

cat canvas


2. Black Frame 

The simple aesthetic of a black frame gives a modern and minimal vibe to your space!

horse portrait framed







 3. Framed Canvas

Make your portrait pop with this framed canvas. The frame adds a touch of elegance to a classic canvas. Choose from a black, white, or wood color frame.

dog portrait framed canvas








 4. Wood Planks 

For the farmhouse modern home! Give your room some rustic charm with this wooden plank print. 

pet chicken portrait wood plank canvas








 5. Scroll Poster

Add some Boho spice to your portrait by printing on a wooden scroll poster! 

dog portrait poster canvas








6. Metal Print 

Add industrial flavor to your space with a metal print! This style will give your portrait a modern touch. 

7. Glass Print

Make your home sparkle by printing your portrait on glass!